Since 2012, my life has meant a continuous work. The Emotional Causes of Illness, Recall Healing, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Kabbalah, Spirituality are the basic areas that have transformed me into what I am TODAY.

In order to be able to help someone, first of all, you have to do a colossal job with yourself. And the hundreds of consultations I had also had their say in the quality of the present consultations.


But if you are looking for a miracle pill, you will not find it here. I teach you the way out of the impasse, but I will not do it for you. I can only say that others have understood and successfully implemented what they received from me!






My consultations are not 100% focused on the symptom, because that is not the idea. Fighting the symptom is a lie. Unfortunately, we have been falsely taught that the disease is the same as the symptom, which is something bad, dangerous, and this is what medicine does: it imposes fear and begins to fight the symptom until death. However, any problem of life or illness is just an alarm signal that warns you that something is not right in your life, that you are not on the right track. You have been brought to this point, to your illnesses, to your symptoms, by yourself, by everything you represent, by your way of being and seeing the world, by your reacting, by your not exactly correct beliefs and by survival programs inherited from your ancestors. What you don't know is that you are in a perfect state of balance, as you are right now, with all your symptoms, in terms of life and your adaptation. And that means healing: to understand this and make the great shift in consciousness! Because at a different level of consciousness, your symptoms obtained at another level of consciousness, no longer make sense. You thus return to another level of balance, the optimal one, of perfect health. THIS is called the healing of life, which is a process that lasts a lifetime ... And the symptoms will disappear when they have to disappear, when they will no longer have an existential meaning ... That's about it in my courses, in my therapies , about the conscious healing of life ... And that is why, just the therapy with me is not enough and I would like you to go through the courses, because all these together will give you the package you need for this new transformative understanding and healing. Success in healing, success in this process!

My valid bonuses:
- full package: Consultation (600 lei) + NMG course (600 lei) + CHM course (149 lei) = 1,200 lei
- course package: NMG course (600 lei) + CHM course (149 lei) = 649 lei
- persons invited to the NMG course = 100 lei discount for each person
- pensioner discount = 100 lei at the Consultation and 50% at the NMG Course

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