What would it be like to have fun and solve your "home problems"?

At the end of the holiday to be twice as acquired!

20-25 of JULY and 12-17 of OCTOBER



You have the opportunity now to spend time in the company of many other people like you, who want to do something with their lives, who are tired having the same problems that come incessantly, who want to understand their lifes or health problems and are willing to do everything to know their causes and solve them, so that they can return to their natural state of peace and stillnes. My team and I will give you all the support to go through this transformation, to get out of victimization and to become the conscious and responsible creator of your life, in which things no longer happen at the "will of fate". If I could, you can, believe me, because we are all so special! And everything will take place in a quiet and pleasant environment, in nature, in the best conditions in the heart of the mountains!

Take advantage of the EARLY BIRD offer until July 1:

To this amount is added the fixed amount of 320 euros, for those who want to benefit from SHAMANIC RITUALS. It is recommended to participate, in order to fully benefit from the reset we intend to perform here!


What our special guest, Shaman Bodhi, tells us:


"Enter the sacred world of your nature, through shamanic healing ceremonies and rituals. We invite you on a magical journey with our support.


Many of you have experienced and felt through direct experience how the wonderful breathing sessions support us in the journey of self-knowledge and return "home" (we will learn and experience several types of breathing). I say "wonderful" because they are transformative due to the huge amount of prana brought into the body. Prana creates more interior "space", we can observe the ease, release, clarity, stability and coherence that is installed.


Breath is our heart, the support of life. Through this journey, we access the emotional body, through the breath we access our subconscious: emotions that are blocked, traumas in the body, birth - if it was hard, previous lives, we can access a happy part of the future, our talents. AIR - the spirit of God. When it wants to influence the body, the mind can do it by controlling its breathing. We can also calm our minds by controlling our breathing.


"If your breathing is limited in any way, so will your life." (Michael Grant White)



Traditional yoga

The practice will be structured in 3 parts. We will delve into 3 of the 8 branches of yoga, related to:

*** asanas *** - body positions for mobilizing the back and spine, designed to harmonize the whole body

*** pranayama *** - control of breath and energies in the body (working with prana - life energy)

*** meditation ***

We will remind about the importance of meditation and its integration in daily life and we will point out some elements that answer the question "How do we meditate correctly?". The course will take approximately 90-120 minutes. "


In the end, depending on the weather and possibilities, we will put you in front of a great challenge: WALKING ON HOT COALS! This spiritual practice is beyond the "normal" we are used to and awakens a lot of things, fears in us. The feelings are intense, the stakes are high for EGO, but after he did it, comes the release! Will you be able to face this challenge? But don't forget: nothing is mandatory! 😊


Sincerely, Bodhi and Jameen Shamans"



- you have a health problem that you can't put an end to, where no treatment works,

- you don't necessarily have a health problem, but you want to understand yourself, you are interested in how you work, to be prepared for the future,

- you have realized at some point the psychic-brain-body connection and you want to know concretely how it works,

- you realized that the disease is not synonymous with the symptom, and healing is not synonymous with hiding the symptom,

- you want to know other aspects of reality related to life,

- you already know about the emotional causes of the diseases,

but you do not master enough to understand it and to be able to use efficiently the information it offers in your life,

- you live in a continuous fear of illness, coming from not knowing the processes, of your own functioning.



You will understand

your body

You will know what to do in case of illness

You will know how to apply it in your life

You will find out how our biology really works, why diseases occur and what their meaning is. Nothing is random and diseases are the best solution for biological survival in your crisis situations. By understanding these things, you will completely eliminate the fear of disease and cruel diagnoses;

You will find practical solutions for change and healing, to eliminate programs, conflicts and traumas that condition you in behaviors and make you sick, to start on a new path, based on responsibility and not on victimization;


It is not enough to know the principles in Emotional Causes, you also need to know how to apply them in your life. You still don't know what it is? In this course you will learn exactly what you need, and in addition you will know how to eliminate rigidity in your own beliefs, beliefs that create wrong perspectives and traumas, put you in conflict and take you away from life;


You will know how to apply theory in your life

You will clarify your knowledge

Important detail

After this course, you will have all the resources to hear a single diagnosis, or thinking of an organ, a real treasure map will appear in front of you and you will know immediately where you are, what to look for next. in question and where to take it.

If you already know about the emotional causes of diseases, but do not master them well enough, it is precisely because you failed to make the connections, the connections between the various aspects presented in the study materials.


A big problem for beginners is understanding biological laterality. This is where the correct application of GNM starts. If you can't determine the laterality correctly, all efforts can be in vain.
But you will not have this problem after this course!



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We have chosen especially for you a warm, unique, safe, quiet, clean, pure environment, at the foot of the Fagaras mountains, not far from Sibiu, in the center of the country, a place accessible to all those who will come from all over the country, to support you in the transformation you will have these days.


The dates of the camps are July 20-25 and October 12-17, 2021!

More details after registration!

Hurry up! Due to the current conditions, places are extremely limited! 😊



Day 1 (July 20 / October 12):
- 15.00-18.00  Arrival
- 18.00-19.00  Dinner
- 19.00-20.00  Introduction and Instructions
- 20.00-           Cocoa Ceremony

Day 2 (July 21 / October 13):
- 09.00            Waking up
- 09.30-10.30  Exercises and Meditation
- 10.30-12.00  Courses
- 12.00-13.30  Break
- 13.30-15.00  Courses
- 15.00-19.00  Dynamic breathing*
- 19.00-20.00  Dinner
- 20.00-           Ceremony coal walking*

Day 3 (July 22 / October 14):
- 09.00            Waking up
- 09.30-11.00  Exercises/yoga/integration*
- 11.00-13.00  Lunch break
- 13.00-16.00  Courses

- 16.00-17.30  Break, recreation
- 17.30-19.00  Courses
- 19.00-           Shamanic ceremonies*

Day 4 (July 23 / October 15):
- 09.00            Waking up
- 09.30-11.00  Exercises/yoga/integration*
- 11.00-13.00  Lunch break
- 13.00-16.00  Emotional release exercises
- 16.00-17.30  Break, recreation
- 17.30-19.00  Emotional release exercises
- 19.00-           Shamanic ceremonies*

Day 5 (July 24 / October 16):
- 09.00            Waking up
- 09.30-11.00  Exercises/yoga/integration*
- 11.00-13.00  Lunch break
- 13.00-16.00  Courses - Flavius ​​Turcanu
- 16.00-17.30  Break, recreation
- 17.30-19.00  Emotional release exercises
- 19.00-           Shamanic ceremonies*

Day 6 (July 25 / October 17):
- 09.00             Waking up
- 09.30-11.30  Exercises/yoga/integration*
- 11.30-13.00  Lunch break
- 13.00-14.00  Closing ceremony

( * - sustained by Bodhi and Jameen shamans)





This course becomes a SPECIAL one because we will include basic ANATOMY elements in an original way. We cannot talk about the emotional causes of diseases without knowing the anatomy!



We will also talk about EMOTIONS, because many people know too little about them, although they decide our lives. "Cool" and "nasty" is far too superficial in this complex world of internal chemistry!



Within the space left available, I will support LIVE CASE STUDIES! with more people, where everyone has a lot to learn and be aware of. THE STORIES AND LIFE EXPERIENCES OF OTHERS ARE HEALING!


Recover your investment and help others!

You will receive a bonus of 50 euros for each person registered at your recommendation! By this, those who will help other people, will help themselves ... I consider that what is more important is what we produce in society through this and not the money itself! 😊

You will receive information on how to do this after registration.


1. Through their special guests!

Master Coach in Vision Education

He is a PIONEER and, at the same time, the best SPECIALIST in Romania in what means the natural recovery of vision through a holistic approach. It integrates eye exercises, dietary changes, and engineering emotion management into its approach.

Professional Shamans

You have been on the spiritual path for over 15 years, of which, over 5 years of living in the ashram of MOOJI in Portugal, with shamanism studies in the schools of the Amazon Jungle, they will offer you their services with passion and professionalism.


2. Through resetting at all levels!

The information in the courses will be food for the mind. Understanding banishes panic and fear and brings peace and quiet. And many of the exercises have the role of capturing and calming our ego. Then, at the cellular level, we store a lot of emotions, and various exercises and massages will release those emotions. Meditations and yoga will nourish the soul, our spiritual side and we will feel fulfillment after those exercises.


We will also have a raffle after which one of the participants in the camp will win a MEGA SURPRISE PRIZE. But, being the surprise, more details will not be provided now!



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